Offering premium quality paint restoration in the Seattle area for over 15 years!

Providing paint and auto body repairs at a lower cost than a body shop with the same high quality and attention to detail. Services include: paint repair from door dings, bumper scuffs, rock chip/road debris removal, curbed wheel repair, insurance claims, and more!

Guaranteed Quick Service – Free Estimates – Most Repairs Take One Day!

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Rock Chip Repair


  • Repair and filling of paint chips and the removal of minor scratches. Full car with external detail
Bumper Repair

$500 and up

  • Repair and repaint bumper like new! Includes primer, wet sand, custom industry color match and layers of clear coat
Wheel Repair and Repaint

$150 and up

  • Repair and resurface wheel from damage due to: curbed wheels, dings, and other marks from road debris
Plastic Bumper Welding

Requires on-site estimate

  • Repair and repaint any cracks. Stronger than epoxy. Includes primer, wet sand, custom industry standard color match and layers of clear coat
Insurance Bids

Requires on-site estimate

  • We do insurance jobs and review jobs on a case by case basis. Stop by for an estimate
Spot Blend Paint

Requires on-site estimate

  • Repair of small portions of panels: bumpers, doors, hoods, fenders, quarter panels, roof, mirrors, trim
Other Services

Requires on-site estimate

  • Other services available including boats, mopeds, motorcycle, and industrial projects